FilterED and Sourcewell Technology Join Forces

Our partnership ensures continued free access to the Technology Profile Module, giving IT leaders access to an interactive, state-wide dashboard. Districts can rank, research, and compare systems, devices, vendors, and budgets using 100+ information points. All organized in a secure, collective, collaborative playbook.

Invitation to Participate


Take control of your data and filter it in ways that bring the most meaning to you. Everything in FilterED is one-click away and data is provided in easy to understand graphics making analysis efficient and timely.


Use the insights gleaned from analysis to prioritize projects, write budgets and make evidence-based decisions. Increase your effectiveness with internal and external stakeholders by better understanding their perspectives.


Pave the path where you want to be tomorrow by identifying where you are today. Whether it’s slight adjustments, overhauling a program or creating systemic change, move forward with confidence knowing you have the “right” information to act upon.


Monitor and communicate progress by collecting and reviewing FilterED data. This practice nurtures transparent relationships while obtaining buy-in. Increase growth by Identify what’s working and replicate strategies and models across programs and campuses.

FilterED: A Powerhouse Platform

Get the evidence, data and context you need to move the needle on Instruction & Learning, Professional Development, IT Governance and so much more. FilterED offers a suite of dynamic modules that can be paired together or used as a stand-alone solution.

The FilterED platform enables districts to better understand your Return on Learning so that you can be more effective while developing strategic plans that increase and maintain fidelity around IT programs and initiatives. Districts use FilterED to collect, measure and analyze information. They also rely on the highly visible “contextual” data to work collaboratively across an organization, region or State. The data populated in FilterED provides the insights and “ahas” needed for Educational and IT leaders to use as evidence in areas of accountability and equity while promoting systemic, positive changes across an organization.The intuitive interface and ease of use make it an instrumental tool for any K12 organization looking to analyze and grow their EdTech landscape.

See How it Works
Single Platform

Multiple modules on one, secure platform with a dashboard that has access to all your data.


Spend less time searching so you can focus on what's important. The highly intuitive dashboard organizes data that makes sense to you.

Contextual Data

Collect, analyze and act on complex data that goes beyond “frequency”. Understand the big picture while honing in on the details so you can effectively prioritize, plan and set timelines.

Framework Aligned

Streamline processes and increase productivity by using any of the FilterED suite of modules that have been aligned to nationally recognized frameworks.

Collaborate with Colleagues

Provide your team members a collaboratively, friendly environment with one platform, one dashboard. Work virtually or in person to get the most out of your data.

Transparent Accountability

Practice the art of data storytelling with your school board, community and staff. Shine the light on what’s happening in your district by offering easy to understand data.

Tech Profile

Tech Profile

Collect and collaborate with colleagues using a Tech Profile in FilterED. This module allows for an inventory of systems, devices and dozens of information points to be shared and compared with other colleagues across your region, Education Service Agency or State. Create a repository of information for easy reference and community building with other Technology leaders.

IT Governance

IT Governance

Identifying the maturity of Infrastructure and Governance in your organization provides an opportunity for awareness, prioritization and planning for growth. This self-assessment offers insights into industry standards and regulations and looks at the maturity of your organization in five key areas. It is aligned to leading frameworks such as: SANS, COBIT, NIST, ISTE Essential Conditions, and CoSN’s Digital LEAP Success Matrix and TLE Seal.

Instruction, Learning and Technology

Instruction, Learning and Technology

FilterED’s flagship module, Instruction, Learning & Technology, assesses six key elements that contribute to your technology learning ecosystem. Once data is collected from stakeholders, your dashboard generates everything you need to make informed decisions and act with purpose. The module is also aligned to various, reputable frameworks. This correlation ensures that the information gathered provides alignment of the chosen frameworks driving change in the organization.

Honors and Awards

The FilterED team is humbled and honored to receive these prestigious awards and partnership opportunities from nationally recognized organizations. We are committed to aesthetically simplifying the way districts interact, understand and use data for the betterment of the student communities they serve.

About the Team Behind FilterED™

As the team behind FilterED, GreyED Solutions is a group of innovative and dedicated leaders who understand education technology as both end users and developers. Our collective experience in education technology ranges from industry insight, instruction, infrastructure, organizational change, professional development, and strategic planning. FilterED was created to support school districts in their technology planning and implementation. Visit out our leadership team here.

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